Concert Etiquette

Even if you have never attended a SCO concert, the following tips will make you feel like a regular in no time.

Dress Code
Although you don’t need to dress as if you are attending a dinner at the Istana, you will probably feel more comfortable in smart casual attire. To show respect to the musicians, you should avoid wearing shorts, singlets and slippers.

Entering Concert Hall and Staying Seated
Arrive at the concert hall at least five to ten minutes ahead and settle down before the concert starts. If you are late, you will only be admitted during an appropriate pause in the program. It is absolutely imperative that you stay seated. Despite your enthusiasm for the performance, standing up and dancing to the music is not acceptable.

Noise-making Objects
Before a concert begins, do check to make sure that you have turned off all your electronic devices that could emit a potentially unwelcome sound. Place your plastic shopping bags under the chairs if you have brought them along.

Show Appreciation by Clapping
It is best not to clap between movements of a larger composition. Certainly it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between movements and keep track of where the performers are in the course of the program, particularly if you are unfamiliar with classical music. If you are unsure of whether or not clapping is appropriate, follow the lead of the experienced audience members around you. Shouting of “Bravo” or “Encore” is acceptable after the completion of a performance as it simply means “Well done”. Audiences may also stand, as in a “standing ovation” when a performance is particularly noteworthy. A further extension of appreciation by the audiences or individuals is exhibited when flowers are presented to the artistes during this time of applause.