Composer Workshop 2018


The Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) Composer Workshop aims to provide a stimulating environment for aspiring young composers to discover and develop their fullest potential. Under the guidance of SCO Music Director and Composer-in-Residence, the workshop offers an exposure to a range of compositional approaches for Chinese instruments, and provides an intensive practicum with the world class orchestra. Participants will be enabled to synergize their artistic influences, and express themselves unbounded by conventions and stylistic parameters. Taking on the role of grooming young Singaporean composers, the workshop shall further develop their capabilities and sharpen their music-making skills.

Workshop Events Lineup

11 August 2017 (Extended to 15 October 2017)

  • Closing of Submission of Registration Form

4 & 8 September 2017, 7pm-10pm

  • Demonstration of Chinese Musical Instruments

15 October 2017

  • Closing of Submission of Music Scores by All Applicants#

30 November 2017

  • Announcing the Selected Applicants

1 February 2018

  • Closing of Submission of Orchestral & Part Scores by Selected Applicants

11 March 2018, 1pm-6pm

  • Symposium

12 March 2018, 9am-5.30pm

  • Reading Session & Discussion


  • Symposium, Reading Session & Discussion will be held in Singapore Conference Hall or otherwise stated.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Age is 35 years and below
  • Singaporean or non-Singaporean students residing in Singapore
  • Must commit to attend all events related to Singapore Chinese Orchestra Composer Workshop 2018

Composition Artistic Requirements

  • The form of compositions must be full or medium size orchestra. Other combinations, solo, small-scaled ensemble and concerto are not in the scope of this reading session.
  • All compositions must adhere to the score format, instrument list and range of SCO. While participants need not use all instruments of the Orchestra, they cannot add new instruments or number of musicians beyond the instrumentation list.
  • Click here to download the SCO Composer Score Format, Instrument List and Range for reference.
  • Percussion section must be listed according to musicians 1 to 7 and with clear indications of the percussion instruments played by each musician on the score.
  • Given the constraints on instrumental range, composers are strongly encouraged to specify the Dizi to be used if changing of instrument is required.
  • Duration of composition must be capped at 5 minutes. Due to the schedule of the reading session, only 20 minutes reading time is allocated to each composition.  Please adhere to the time constraints.

Music Scores Submission

  • # By 15 October 2017, applicant must submit full music scores or condensed music scores. If applicant is selected, full music scores must be submitted accordingly to the deadline.
  • Music scores submission must be in the form of 2 printed copies of the full score (A3 size) with clearly indicated instrumentation and performance direction. The Composer’s name, Title of Composition, Duration of Composition (minutes) and synopsis should appear on the first page.
  • All music scores are to be sent to “SCO Composer Workshop 2018, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Co Ltd, 7 Shenton Way, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore 068810”.
  • By 1 February 2018, selected applicant must submit the full orchestral scores and part scores in Finale 2012 or Sibelius 5, and PDF.
  • Unselected compositions music scores will not be returned to applicants.


  • Interested applicants can sign up by completing the
    registration form.
  • By 15 October 2017, completed registration form and required proof of nationality documents must reach by mail to “SCO Composer Workshop 2018, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Co Ltd, 7 Shenton Way, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore 068810” or email to


As part of the event lineup, there will be 2 sessions of Demonstration of Chinese Musical Instruments conducted on 4 & 8 September 2017. During the session, observers will get to learn about what different Chinese musical instruments can do and the limitations in their music range. Observers are also welcomed to raise questions during the session.

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Ms Lum Mun Ee/ Ms Shi Tian Chan
Telephone : 6557 4035
Fax : 6557 2756
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