Composer Workshop 2018

The Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) Composer Workshop aims to provide a stimulating environment for aspiring young composers to discover and develop their fullest potential. Under the guidance of SCO Music Director and Composer-in-Residence, the workshop offers an exposure to a range of compositional approaches for Chinese instruments, and provides an intensive practicum with the world class orchestra. Participants will be enabled to synergize their artistic influences, and express themselves unbounded by conventions and stylistic parameters. Taking on the role of grooming young Singaporean composers, the workshop shall further develop their capabilities and sharpen their music-making skills.

Workshop Events Lineup

11 March 2018, 1pm-6pm

  • Symposium

12 March 2018, 9am-5.30pm

  • Reading Session & Discussion


  • Symposium, Reading Session & Discussion will be held in Singapore Conference Hall or otherwise stated.


As part of the event lineup, there will be a Symposium, Reading Session & Discussion held at the Singapore Conference Hall on 11 & 12 March 2018. During these session, observers will be able to hear notable composers share their experiences in music-making.

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11 March 2018

  1. Opening Speech by SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh & Composer-in-residence Eric James Watson
  2. Talks
    • “Chinese instruments in my music compositions” by Dr. Chong Kee Yong

    • “Writing for smaller Chinese Ensemble” by Dr. Goh Toh Chai

    • “The Five Elements on Orchestration of Chinese Orchestral Music” by Mr Simon Kong Su Leong
  3. Closing Speech

12 March 2018

  1. Score Reading, 9.30am – 1pm
  2. Sharing and Discussion, 2.30pm – 5.30pm



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