Conducting Workshop 2017

Singapore Chinese Orchestra will be having its fourth run of Conducting Workshop, held biennially. This workshop is led by SCO Music Director, Tsung Yeh.

Through the conducting workshop, we wish to further develop the participant’s conducting skills and appreciation of Nanyang style music. It will be a rare opportunity to work with the only professional Chinese orchestra in Singapore.

Past workshops had produced numerous conducting talents such as Ku Pao Wen, who was appointed Assistant Conductor of SCO for 2007. Currently based in Taiwan Kaohsiung, he was appointed the Guest Conductor Chair for SCO Concert Season 2012/13. In the second run, Moses Gay and Wong Kah Chun were both appointed Conducting Assistant in 2010; Moses is currently the Assistant Conductor of SCO while Kah Chun remains as an active Guest Conductor in the region and in Europe. Leonard Tan who attended the workshop, is currently the Principal Conductor of Singapore National Youth Orchestra and the Music Director of The Philharmonic Winds. In 2015, we accepted a total of 8 active participants from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

We encourage active participation from interested parties to join the workshop.

Date of workshop

24 – 28 July 2017


Singapore Conference Hall

Contents of the workshop

  1. Music director will conduct the workshop and provide coaching on baton techniques, scores analysis to participants personally. There will be podium time for every active participant with 2 pianists and SCO.
  2. Various composers will share about composition analysis of their pieces.
  3. Active participants will present a repertoire on the last day of the workshop. Each participant will be given a certificate of accomplishment.


  • Active Participant:
  1. Conductors
  2. Current Conducting Students

Public Observation

Limited slots are opened to any individual who is interested to find out more about conducting. Tickets can be obtained from:

  • Available Schedule:

24 July 2017, 9am to 1pm: Introduction Session by Tsung Yeh       
24 July 2017, 2pm to 5pm: Podium Time with Two Pianists
25 July 2017, 9am to 1pm: Podium Time with Orchestra
25 July 2017, 2pm to 5pm: Podium Time with Two Pianists
26 July 2017, 9am to 1pm: Podium Time with Orchestra    
26 July 2017, 2pm to 5pm: Review Session 
27 July 2017, 9am to 1pm: Podium Time with Orchestra (Final Rehearsal)
27 July 2017, 2pm to 5pm: Review Session 
28 July 2017, 9am to 11am: Final Presentation

The workshop is free for all active participants and observers. Not restricted to nationalities; however, participant will need to bear all necessary travel expenses.

Important Dates

15 March : Registration Deadline (Active Participants)

2nd week of April : Notification of selected participants

26 May : Delivery of scores to selected participants

1 May – 28 July : Registration for Observers

24 – 28 July : Conducting Workshop

Date     –  Time
24 July – 9.00am to 5.00pm
25 July – 9.00am to 5.00pm
26 July – 9.00am to 5.00pm
27 July – 9.00am to 5.00pm
28 July – 9.00am to 4.00pm

Registrations are now closed.


Contact person: Ms Lim Wan Ying
Telephone: (65) 6557 4036