Usher_IC_Darien_Cover_Page_for_Blog_1 Blog

#HumansAtSCO: Usher IC Darien Tock

Meet Darien Tock, one of SCO’s Usher In-Charge who has worked for many years passionately. His commitment to ensure that all patrons enjoy a good concert experience is unwavering. 

Foong_Chuisan Blog

Human Diaries: Embarking on a journey with music and cycling

Similar to cycling, learning music is like embarking on a journey of possibilities, where you unveil beautiful sights along the way. Zhongruan musician Foong Chui San shares more.

Xu_Hui Blog

Human Diaries: Living life with elegance, booming it with enthusiasm

Guzheng Associate Principal Xu Hui's distinct personality can be seen on stage while performing, displaying both her elegant and passionate persona through two very different instruments. 

Jin_Shiyi Blog

Human Diaries: Blowing innovations to traditions

Did you know that SCO suona/guan principal Jin Shiyi invented a new music instrument called the SINGuan? Find out more in this episode!

RESIZED_Featuring_Muhammad_Bazli_Senior_Executive_of_Venue_Marketing_2240__1260_px Blog

#HumansAtSCO: Senior Executive of Venue Management Bazli

Meet Muhammad Bazli, the first non-Chinese colleague to work in Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Curious to find out more about? Bazli answers 5 questions.

Wu_Kefei Blog

Human Diaries: Playing in an orchestra and playing video games, same same but different?

Performing in an orchestra could be similar to playing video games. Each instrument takes on a different, yet important roles. Find out more about Wu Kefei's take on music and gaming.

Tsung_Yeh Blog

Human Diaries: When music and life interweave, the soul flourishes

SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh felt the hit of music from some western symphony orchestra back in 1970s, and decided to pursue conducting as career, and the rest is history.

Xu_Zhong__Zhang_Li Blog

Human Diaries: The power couple of SCO, The committed teachers for students

Cello principal Xu Zhong and liuqin musician Zhang Li are a power couple in SCO, walking on this music journey together. They share more about their experiences as music teachers!

Ngoh_Kheng_Seng Blog

Human Diaries: The West meets East Percussionist

For the last episode of Human Diaries Season 2, Percussionist Ngoh Kheng Seng takes the center stage and shares his enthusiasm and passion for percussion.

Wilson_Neo Blog

Human Diaries: Engaging Minds, Inspiring Lives with music

Music is everywhere. To zhonghu musician Wilson Neo, soundtracks from video games, pop songs are all inspirations that can be performed in Chinese orchestras.

Ji_Huiming__Huang_Guifang Blog

Human Diaries: Work together, learn together and grow together

Our musician couple Ji Huiming (cello) and Huang Guifang (sanxian) take centre stage as they share about their journey together as colleagues, lovers and parents

Lim_Kiong_Pin Blog

Human Diaries: The Bass in life, the unsung heroes

Everyone has multiple aspects of his personality and interests. Diyin sheng musician Lim Kiong Pin holds a double diploma in counselling and is passionate about conducting and arranging music.

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