Concert Highlights

Dance of the Yao Tribe | Composed by Mao Yuan and Liu Tie Shan, arranged by Peng Xiu Wen
Fishermen's Song of Victory | Composed by Zhejiang Province Song and Dance Troupe, orchestration by Liu Wen Jin, virtuoso percussion cadenza written by Li Ming Xiong
The General's Command | Gu Guan Ren
Confluence | Wang Chenwei
Bumper Harvest Worship | Kuan Nai-Chung
The Silk Road | Jiang Ying
Overture | Phoon Yew Tien

Hits of Past and Classics of Present

SNYCO Concerts

  • 2021-03-20 20:00 To 2021-03-20 20:00
  • TBC
  • SNYCO Concerts

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