Singapore, 18 May 2021 (Tuesday) – In view of the Phase Two (Heightened Alert) situation, Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) took precautionary measures to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, musicians, artistes, participants and audiences. Thus, announcements were made to cancel our upcoming Young Children’s Concert and Ode to Dragon Boat concert.

Cancellation of Young Children’s Concert 2021 on 29 May 2021, 2.30pm & 5pm

The Young Children’s Concert 2021: DiSCOvering Treasures of Chinese Music – Riddles in the Raindrops happening on 29 May 2021, 2.30pm and 5pm is now cancelled. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. A SISTIC staff will contact the affected patrons, to assist on refund details.

Previously, we shared: to minimise the risk of large clusters forming, the Young Children’s Concert 29 May 2021, 5pm concert; which was originally a sold-out concert at audience capacity of 250 people, will now be split into two sessions, each with 100 audience capacity.

Cancellation of Ode to Dragon Boat concert on 12 June 2021, 8pm

Also, the Ode to Dragon Boat concert happening on 12 June 2021, 8pm is now cancelled. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. A SISTIC staff will contact the affected patrons, to assist on refund details.

Originally the Ode to Dragon Boat concert is held in conjunction with the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. Conducted by SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh, the concert features soloists Pipa Principal Yu Jia and Erhu musician Tan Manman.

Digital concert Music Tuesdays: Strings of Elegance II on 22 June 2021, 7.30pm

As of today, the Music Tuesdays: Strings of Elegance II concert will still be held on 22 June 2021 (Tues), 7.30pm. The digital concert video will be available for unlimited playback on SISTIC till 29 June 2021 (Tuesday), 7.30pm. SCO will continue to monitor the situation and will make necessary changes to the concert if needed.

sco strings of elegance

Huqin’s elegant temperament shines forth; whether projecting powerfully or sighing silently. SCO’s Erhu II Associate Principal Li Yulong and Huqin musician Mu Ruixue will be presenting the expressive possibilities arising from the vocal quality when its timbre is fully exploited. Besides the melancholy huqin instruments are frequently associated with, they are also capable of expressing joy and celebration. Join us in a rhapsodic evening and indulge in the Strings of Elegance!

This special Tuesday evening marks the gathering of two friends from the Huqin family. Just in case you didn’t know, Mu Ruixue joined SCO in 2019 and became good friends with Li Yulong. Also, this is close and intimate concert showcases the Huqin family, which consists of the Erhu, Gaohu, Yehu and Banhu.

Other highlights of the concert include: Crescent Moon before Dawn and A Tune from Henan, arranged by Liu Mingyuan; Birds Returning to the Woods, composed by Yi Jianquan, arranged by Sim Boon Yew; River of Sorrow, folk song from Northeast China, adapted by Huang Haihuai; Maiden of Alishan, composed by Zhang Che, arranged by Gao Jia and Czárdas, composed by Vittorio Monti, arranged by Li Yulong.


In addition, SCO understands that during this period, it is best to stay home, adopt good personal hygiene practices and be socially responsible. Therefore, SCO will be rolling out digital programmes on social media, to bring our music to everyone.

Delivered with Love: Talks and Webisodes  

wednesday waltz

The second episode of the online series will feature a musical dialogue and exchange between SCO percussion musician Benjamin Boo and Mridangam musician Akilesh. The half-hour long dialogue aims to introduce a Chinese instrument along with its counterpart in other local culture, discovering the similarities and differences between them and exploring the diversity of the Singapore music scene.

This dialogue session Wednesday Waltz: 3-way Music Conversations will be held on 2 June 2021 (Wednesday) 7.30pm, livestreamed on SCO Facebook and SCCC’s Facebook page. It will be conducted primarily in English. This dialogue is supported by National Arts Council, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Tote Board and Temasek Foundation.

Human Diaries Season 2 (Coming soon!)

SCO Human Diaries Season 2

Human Diaries is coming back for a bigger and better season 2! Look out for our premiere in June! In case you haven’t watched season 1, catch up here.

Behind the persona of every artist lies a human being, just like you and I. The Human Diaries series thus explores the multifaceted lives of our musicians, which gained popularity during Season 1 last year. Expect the unexpected in Season 2 as we step into the homes and favourite places of our musicians, conductors and Composer-in-Residence, discovering stories untold.

Note: All episodes were filmed before heightened phase 2 restrictions and adhered to the safety management measures.


First released on 10 May 2021, the weekly #SCOSoundbites video series feature selected pieces recorded for SCO’s digital concerts back in 2020. This #SCOSoundbites series is a revamped version of SCO’s highly raved #DabaoSCO series, where you get to “da-bao” (takeaway) full-length SCO concerts, and enjoy concerts at the comfort of your home.

Tunes of SCO

As June’s school holidays are fast approaching, SCO will also be sharing a music educational kit for upper and lower primary and secondary school pupils. Four videos will be shared as part of this Tunes of SCO series. A fun and interactive learning experience of music awaits students on post-exam home-based learning and the June school holidays!

  • For lower primary: “Musical Edventure with Quek Quek – The Fantastic 4 of Music”, where students learn the pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo of music
  • For upper primary: “Musical Edventure with Quek Quek – The Magical Baton”, where students learn conducting patterns in triple and quadruple meters.
  • For lower secondary: “Music with Moses – Four sections of the Chinese Orchestra Family”, that introduces the bow-string, plucked-string, winds and percussion sections of a Chinese orchestra
  • For upper secondary: “Music with Moses – Once Upon an Orchestra”, for scoring of Chinese orchestral music by ensemble to modern orchestras

Concert-In-Progress 2021: SYF Demonstration Concert recorded video (#throwback)

Previously, the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2021's Chinese Orchestra category was changed to Mixed Ensemble and Sectional Ensemble. Concert-in-Progress 2021, a 7-part series led by SCO Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong, provides demonstration and in-depth sharing on Chinese chamber music for students and teachers in preparation of the SYF. The recorded video will be shared on our social media platforms.

Lastly, SCO would like to thank all friends of SCO for their support and patience during these turbulent times. Thank you for supporting Singapore Chinese Orchestra, stay healthy and stay tuned for more updates!

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