Renowned composer Liu Xi Jin’s compositions conducted by his wife, Hong Xia and Music Director Tsung Yeh in SCO’s Concert!

Singapore, 2 February 2017 (Thursday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra will present an evening of renowned composer, Liu Xi Jin’s compositions. Liu Xi Jin’s works will be conducted by acclaimed conductor Hong Xia, and SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh. Established erhu musician Yu Hong Mei, konghou musician Wu Lin, SCO concertmaster and gaohu musician, Li Bao Shun, SCO dizi sectional principal Yin Zhi Yang, Vocal Associates Festival Chorus and Chorus Mistress Khor Ai Ming will share the stage in this one-night-only concert. Flavours of Chinese Music – A Night of Liu Xi Jin’s Works will be held on 4 March 2017 (Saturday), 8pm at Victoria Concert Hall.

Conductor Hong Xia – one of China’s Top Ten Ethnic Orchestral Music Conductors of Excellence, who is Liu Xi Jin’s wife, will conduct SCO to perform Liu Xi Jin’s masterpieces. Continuous Prosperity was inspired by the Chinese New Year painting, “Brimming Happiness in Successive Years” (连年有余). It portrays the happiness of the citizens of the Yangliuqing Town, an ancient town in Tianjin known for its making of New Year Paintings with a long history of over 600 years. The chorus will be helmed by Vocal Associates Festival Chorus under the directorship of chorus mistress Khor Ai Ming.

Hong Xia will also conduct selections of konghou piece titled The Seven Great Elements of Buddhism (Tathāgatagarbha). This piece comprises of eight pieces – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Absence, Sight, Knowledge and Tathāgatagarbha Buddha. Renowned konghou musician Wu Lin will perform the first and third pieces – Earth and Fire. . Earth – The Drunken Visitor Lies in the Mud illustrates that the origin of all living comes from the earth which is also the source of all knowledge. Fire – Fire Phoenix portrays the optimism of humans as they search for light in the darkness.

The third piece Hong Xia will conduct is Liu Xi Jin’s The Poetry of the Nation Spirit, which will feature. renowned erhu musician Yu Hong Mei, the Head of Folk Music Department of China’s Central Conservatory of Music. Yu Hong Mei will perform the world premiere of this piece which comprises of two movements – First movement: National Calamity and Second Movement: Ceremony for the Fallen. This patriotic piece presents the first movement through a fast-moving and dramatic music to portray the courage of the citizens in the face of imminent death. The second movement depicts the determination of the citizens while enduring with the loss of their loved ones, home and possessions in the war.

Lastly, Hong Xia will conduct the fourth movement from The Poetry of Zhuang People: Shan Xiong.  This piece uses the orchestra and choir to create a majestic effect in portraying the illuminous history of the Zhuang people, their unique mindset and hope for the continuous growth of Guangxi, China, towards a better future.

SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh will conduct two pieces in the concert. The Legend of the Merlion is a love ode that revolves around our national icon, the merlion. It comprises of three movements – Seek Blessings, Raging Sea and Nanyang’s Affection. This piece was commissioned by SCO and debuted at the Victoria Concert Hall in 1999 with the gaohu soloist being SCO concertmaster Li Bao Shun. After 18 years, SCO will once again perform this piece at the Victoria Concert Hall with Li Bao Shun as the gaohu soloist. Tsung Yeh will also conduct the orchestra to perform Lingering Snow on the The Broken Bridge, together with SCO dizi principal Yin Zhi Yang. This is a single movement concerto written for dizi solo and Chinese orchestra based on the folk music of Zhejiang. It aims to celebrate the beauty of Jiangnan and the existence of true love in the world.

Flavours of Chinese Music – A Night of Liu Xi Jin’s Works concert will be streamed live in high definition. SCO digital concert is a collaboration between SCO and Zaobao digital platforms. E-ticketing details to be announced.

liu xi jin
Composer: Liu Xi Jin

Conductor: Hong Xia

Music Director/ Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Konghou: Wu Lin

Erhu: Yu Hong Mei


Chorus Mistress: Khor Ai Ming


Choir: Vocal Associates Festival Chorus

Concert Details:

Flavours of Chinese Music – A Night of Liu Xi Jin’s Works

Date: 4 March 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall
Ticket Prices: $70, $50, $30/$15*, $20/$10* (excludes SISTIC fees)
Tickets from SISTIC (+65 6348 5555/
*Concession price

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