Renowned conductor Zhang Guoyong returns to conduct SCO with masterpieces!

Discover the flavours of Chinese heritage with renowned conductor Zhang Guoyong and experience masterpieces by Zhao Ji Ping and Gu Guan Ren. This concert titled Zhang Guoyong and SCO will be held on 18 August 2018 (Saturday), 8pm, at the SCO Concert Hall.


China’s renowned conductor, Zhang Guoyong, and Head of the Conducting Department at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, is known for his natural and accurate conducting style which is passionate and profound, and has left many orchestras and audiences a deep impression. Besides conducting orchestral concerts, he is also known to conduct musicals and ballets performances. In this concert, he will be conducting one of Zhao Jiping’s most influential works,Guo Feng, a piece that was inspired by Three Variations of Plum Blossoms. It develops its own themes through musical variations intricately woven in melodic fantasy and harmonic hues, resulting in a form that represents the development of Chinese traditional music today. Gu Guan Ren’s A Glimpse of Singapore will also be performed. This piece captures the composer’s emotions and vivid descriptions observed during his trip to Singapore in 1987.  


SCO guanzi musician, Han Lei, student of reputable guanzi master Hu Zhi Hou, is a virtuoso who has performed at established events, such as the Taiwan’s National Chinese Orchestra Masters Series, the National Orchestra of Guangdong’s official inauguration concert in 2011, and at Shanghai’s New Year concert in 2012. In this concert, Han Lei will be performing a piece that he is for – acclaimed Chinese composer Zhao Jiping’s The Silk Road Fantasia Suite. This piece consists of five movements that represent a journey on the Silk Road, a trade route that traversed Asia and Europe over two thousand years ago. The composer enhances the multicultural aspect of this masterpiece by incorporating music capabilities and tonality from the Chinese instruments and incorporating music elements from Western and Middle-east regions.


The world premiere of Qi Haodi’s double concerto Moments will be performed by SCO erhu II principal Zhu Lin and SCO cello principal Xu Zhong.  Learning the erhu since 5, Zhu Lin is currently the guest professor of the China Conservatory of Music and has released many solo recordings. He has also received top honours at the National Competition in 1993, and the International Competition in 1995. Xu Zhong took up the cello at the age of 9, and to date, he has toured the world as an ensemble player, soloist, and lead player. He brings to performances a pure and incisive feel, rich in connotation and emotions.


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 Conductor: Zhang Guoyong



Guanzi: Han Lei

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 Erhu: Zhu Lin



 Cello: Xu Zhong


Concert Details:

Zhang Guoyong and SCO

Date: 18 August 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: SCO Concert Hall

Ticket prices (before SISTIC fees): $88, $68, $58, $38/$25*, $20** 

*Concession price

**Restricted View Seats 

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