SCO organizes a two-day composer workshop

Singapore, 28 May 2013 (Tuesday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) is organizing a two-day composer workshop on 21 and 22 July 2013 at the Singapore Conference Hall. Composers and experts from the Chinese orchestra industry and musicians will share insights of the Chinese orchestra and in Chinese music composition. SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh and SCO Composer-in-Residence Law Wai Lun will host the workshop which includes a two-day symposium and a score reading and demonstration session of new works. The two-day workshop will be conducted in mandarin.


21 July 2013 (Sunday)

1. Symposium (7 – 10pm)

Speakers & Topics:
Chong Kee Yong
Compostional concepts and maintaining international standards in music composition

Hoh Chung Shih
How Chinese culture and artistic practices inspire composition with modern music techniques

Qu Jian Qing, Ma Huan
The importance of the pluck-strings in Chinese orchestra


22 July 2013 (Monday)

1. Reading & Demonstration of New Works (9am – 12noon)
–        Demonstration of 3 works by Kong Su Leong, Yii Kah Hoe and Hoh Chung Shih
–        Score reading and demonstration of new works

2. Dialogue Session between Composers & Musicians (12noon – 1pm)

3. Dialogue Session between Composers & Audience (2pm – 3.30pm)

4Symposium (3.45pm – 6.30pm)

Speakers & Topics:
Ricky Yeung Wai Kit
Current situational analysis of Chinese orchestras in various countries and stature of the orchestras

Simon Kong Su Leong
How do you enable the incorporation of the different sounds and acoustical ability of the Chinese orchestra and orchestration format into a composition

Yii Kah Hoe
How do you make use of elements from folk music in a composition

Invitation to Submit Scores for the Composer Workshop
SCO invites interested participants to submit music compositions of not more than 3 minutes for the score reading session on 22 July of the workshop. Compositions must be for large or medium ensembles, or instrumental combinations. Solo, small-scaled ensembles and concertos are not eligible. Compositions must adhere to the score format, instrument list and range of SCO. All entries must be submitted to SCO by 10 June 2013. For more information on artistic requirements and regulations for scores, please visit

Event details:

Singapore Chinese Orchestra Composer Workshop 2013

Date:                                       21 & 22 July 2013 (Sunday & Monday)

Time:                                       7pm – 10pm (21 July); 9am – 6.30pm (22 July)

Venue:                                     Singapore Conference Hall

Ticket Price (2-day pass):      $33, $20 (concession)

Prices include processing fees.

For more information on the workshop and to purchase tickets, visit

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