Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra to welcome the Chinese New Year at Far East Plaza

Singapore, 24 January 2018 (Wednesday) – The Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) will perform at Far East Plaza on 3 February 2018 (Saturday) 6pm to spread the mood of romance and the Chinese New Year to Far East Plaza. This hour-long concert by the SCO and the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO) will be conducted by SCO Resident Conductor and SNYCO Music Director Quek Ling Kiong. Admission is free.

To celebrate the romantic and jubilant spring season, SCO will present a diverse selection of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day pieces including Li Huan Zhi’s Spring Festival Overture (春节序曲), A Beautiful Youth from The Developing Years (新谣组曲: 锦绣年华) re-arranged by Chow Jun Yi, What a Wonderful World arranged by Eric Watson, showcasing the jubilation of spring. Romantic songs such as A Little Happiness in Those Years (那些年的小幸运), which is a mash up of the popular Chinese pop songs A Little Happiness and Those Years, and Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps arranged by Tan Kah Yong, will set the romantic atmosphere for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

SNYCO will be performing The Pheasant’s Return (锦鸡出山) by Tian Long Xin. SCO suona principal Jin Shi Yi will perform suona solo with SCO in the piece Wu Kong (悟空) which he co-arranged with Zhang Yi Hong. SCO erhu musician Tan Man Man, pipa musician Zhang Yin and dizi musician Zeng Zhi will also be performing with SCO in the piece Colourful Jiangnan (绚彩江南) by Wang Dan Hong.

This concert is sponsored by Far East Organization.


Concert Details:

SCO Community Concert: Spring Abundance at Far East Plaza

Date: 3 February 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm
Venue: Far East Plaza

Free Admission


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