Singapore Chinese Orchestra Community Concert will perform Memories @ Bedok in March

Singapore, 4 March 2019 (Monday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) performs at Bedok this March, bringing to you a wide repertoire of Chinese orchestra works; ranging from classic works to the familiar tunes. Titled “Memories @ Bedok”, this concert, which will be conducted by Assistant Conductor Moses Gay, presents Moses Gay’s memories when he was a part of Temasek Junior College Chinese Orchestra in Bedok in his school days. Memories @ Bedok will be held on 9 March 2019 (Saturday), 6pm, at the Amphitheatre beside Block 15 Bedok South Road. Admission to the concert is free.

Audience will get to experience renowned composer Liu Wenjin’s work, The Great Wall Capriccio(长城随想曲), Gu Guan Ren’s The General’s Command(将军令) and Peng Xiuwen’s Dance of the Yao Tribe(瑶族舞曲). Fans of Liu Jia Chang can sing along to familiar tunes in the medley rearranged by Law Wai Lun and Lincoln Lo – The Past Can Only Be Remembered(往事只能回味)which features six of his songs including The Past Can Only Be Remembered (往事只能回味), Poetry of Autumn(秋诗篇篇), Where is My Home(我的家在哪里), Circles(圆圈圈), Seagull(海鸥)and I Love You Meilan(梅兰梅兰我爱你).

SCO’s young Singaporean dizi musician Lee Jun Cheng will be accompanied by the orchestra as he performs a local premiere of Cui Quan and Zhang Weiliang’s composition for the dizi titled Spring Happiness (乐春). Also featured in the concert is Di Tanjong Katong & Yakaiyin Kaatchhi, a work celebrating multiracial harmony in Singapore; and Fishermen’s Boat Song(船歌).

This concert is part of Bedok Arts Kaleidoscope, a programme under National Arts Council’s Arts and Culture Nodes Network. The National Arts Council’s island-wide network of arts and culture nodes is developed for people to come together to participate in, enjoy, and experience the value of arts in their neighbourhood. This Arts and Culture Node is in partnership with the People’s Association and the Bedok Community Arts and Culture Club.   


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Concert Details:

SCO Community Concert: Memories @ Bedok

Date: 9 March 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm
Venue: Amphitheatre beside Block 15 Bedok South Road

Free admission.


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