Singapore Chinese Orchestra debuts in Hong Kong over a 2-night concert to 1,800 audiences!

Singapore, 26 October 2015 (Monday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) performed in Hong Kong for the first time on 17 and 18 October 2015 organized by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. SCO’s concerts in Hong Kong are sponsored by Sino Group.

The first concert was held on 17 October at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium to 600 audiences. Conducted by Music Director Tsung Yeh, SCO performed Ruan Lingyu’s The Goddess – A Silent Film Concert. The orchestral music for this concert was composed by Singaporean composer Law Wai Lun and Hong Kong composer Lincoln Lo.

SCO Executive Director Mr Terence Ho expressed that, “Given that it was the first stop of SCO’s Hong Kong concert, we are pleased that we have touched the emotions of the Hong Kong audiences through this silent film production.”

Sidney Lai, who was the child actor in the film, now in his 70s, attended the concert. He said, “I am very touched by this performance. While tidying my father’s work, I came across several mentions of this film. My father (Lai Man-Wai) was one of the founders of Lianhua Film Company, together with Law Ming-Yau, they released “The Goddess” silent movie in 1934. I feel that being able to produce such a quality film with educational elements and human touch is considered a feat during those days. The producers and directors must have felt a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty to the country and society when producing this classic film. After enjoying the concert today, I am really touched. It is an amazing achievement to put together this performance, much thought must have been put into composing and arrangement of the music.

The second concert, Essence of Nanyang, was held on 18 October at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to 1,200 audiences. Under the baton of Music director Tsung Yeh, Hong Kong audience got to enjoy Guangdong piece, Thunder Storm and Drought, repertoires with strong Nanyang flavours including Izpirazione II- Rambutan and Mahjong Khakis, renowned Chinese composer Tan Dun’s Fire Ritual and Symphonic Poem Marco Polo & Princess Blue which featured renowned tenor Warren Mok and Wu Bi Xia.

The concert was well-received by the audience. Vocal teacher Mr Leslie Cheung shared, “… The concert gave me several surprises. Firstly, the symphonic poem “Marco Polo and Princess Blue” has a beautiful melody and consists of elements of the western music which was not what I expected from a Chinese orchestral concert. Next, the encore piece “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” was performed with a jazz tune and western style. It was really a surprising discovery that Chinese orchestra could also perform similar sounds to western instruments.”

Through overseas concert opportunities, SCO hopes to continue to share the uniqueness of our Nanyang music with the world.

SCO’s successful performance of Ruan Lingyu’s The Goddess concert

Li Bao Shun’s performance at Essence of Nanyang concert

Warren Mok and Wu Bi Xia’s performing Marco Polo and Princess Blue

SCO’s successful performance at Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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