Singapore Chinese Orchestra launches a new series of concert titled Hits of Chinese Music for Chinese music aficionados

Singapore, 16 November 2017 (Thursday) – Chinese orchestral music enthusiasts, old or new alike, will anticipate Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO)’s new series of concerts titled Hits of Chinese Music. Hits of Chinese Music is a series of four concerts, which will be presented every season, to present classic hits of each instrumental section of the orchestra – woodwinds, bowed-string, plucked-string and percussion. The first concert to kickstart the series – Hits of Chinese Music I: Woodwinds will be held on 8 December (Friday) and 9 December (Saturday), 8pm, at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium. The concert will be conducted by SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh.

Singapore’s Chinese music scene started sprouting in the 1950s. During that time, it was more common to see performances of ensemble, and soloist accompanied by an ensemble. After continuous exploration with effort and determination, the predecessors established the development of Chinese music and now we see the flourish of Chinese orchestra. This concert is SCO’s tribute to the pioneers of our Chinese music scene.

SCO’s Woodwind section, consisting of the dizi, sheng, suona and guanzi musicians, under the baton of Tsung Yeh, will present pieces in its original format and flavour that woodwind instrumentalists and aficionados will reminisce and enjoy. SCO also commissioned Simon Kong Su Leong to rearrange Shandong folk music Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix and Jiang Xianwei’s Journey to Gusu to inject new lives in traditional pieces.

SCO suona musicians Jin Shi Yi, Chang Le, Meng Jie and Liu Jiang will present Ge Lidao and Yin Kaixian’s Celebration, Shandong folk music Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix re-arranged by Simon Kong Su Leong, and Zhang Xiaofeng’s Salesman Comes to Village.

SCO dizi musicians Yin Zhi Yang, Lim Sin Yeo, Zeng Zhi, Tan Chye Tiong and Phang Thean Siong will present Jiang Xianwei’s Journey to Gusu which is re-arranged by Simon Kong Su Leong, Wei Xianzhong’s Whip the Horses On, and Tan Mizi, Jin Shiying and Yu Xianming’s All Is Good In Jiangnan, which has been adapted by Shu Peng and re-arranged by Sim Boon Yew.

SCO sheng musicians Guo Chang Suo and Kevin Cheng Ho Kwan will perform Hu Tianquan and Dong Hongde’s The Phoenix Spreads its Wings, and Yan Haideng’s Tunes of the Shanxi Opera.

SCO guanzi musician Han Lei will perform Northeast China folk music Jianghe Waters, which is orchestrated by Sim Boon Yew.

SCO will also perform Xu Jingqing’s Red Blossoms Abound, Shi Wanchun’s Sounds of Pines and Jing Jianshu’s Amorous Feelings for the Yellow River.


Concert Details:

Hits of Chinese Music I: Woodwinds

Date: 8 & 9 December 2017 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium
Ticket prices (before SISTIC fees): $70, $50, $30/$15* 

*Concession price


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