Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s Sounds of Mongolia concert brings audience on a majestic Mongolian music journey

Singapore, 1 November 2018 (Thursday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) will present a one-night-only concert illustrating the vast beauty of Mongolia. The unique Mongolian horse-head fiddle (also known as the morin khuur in Mongolia) will be performed in this concert. This concert titled Sounds of Mongolia will be held on 24 November 2018 (Saturday), 8pm, at the SCO Concert Hall. This concert will be conducted by SCO Assistant Conductor Moses Gay.


SCO will perform renowned composer Tang Jian Ping’s work Gallant Steed, as the first work of the concert illustrating a pictorial music scene of galloping horses on the majestic Mongolian grassland; followed by Li Cang Sang’s Grassland Fantasia. SCO cello associate principal, Tang Jia, will perform with SCO Wang Qiang’s well-known cello concerto Gada Meilin, a piece presenting the well-known Mongolian hero, Gada Meilin, who died in battle after leading his people in a revolt against the cruel oppression of the feudal warlords. Tang Jia started learning the cello at a tender age of 6, and was under the tutelage of esteemed cellists such as international soloist Qin Li-wei, and former SSO cello principal Nella Hunkins.


The horse-head fiddle (morin khuur) is Mongolia’s traditional instrument that is played at festivities and celebrations, and is an integral part of rituals and everyday activities of the Mongolian tribes. Renowned Mongolian morin khuur musician, Jinshan Alatengwula, student of famous Mongolian morin khuur master, Qian Baiyila. He will debut his performance with SCO to present Wang Jue’s Morin Khuur Concerto. He has performed at multiple prestigious events such as the 2002 National Eighth Huabiao Awards of China and the 2003 CCTV Spring Festival.


At the finale, SCO will perform Zhang Han Shu’s Beautiful Horqin Grassland to depict the picturesque and majestic grassland, beautiful skies and the blissful land of Mongolia.



Conductor: Moses Gay



Morin Khuur: Jinshan Alatengwula


tang jia

Cello: Tang Jia


Concert Details:


Sounds of Mongolia

Date: 24 November 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 8pm

Venue: SCO Concert Hall

Ticket prices (before SISTIC fees): $88, $68, $58, $38/$25*, $20** 

*Concession price

**Restricted View Seats



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