Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra to dazzle in its annual chamber recital

Singapore, 10 August 2012 (Friday) – The cream of the crop from the sectionals of the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra (SYCO) will come together to present the fourth season of the SYCO’s Elegant Music Series Chamber Recital – Youth Dazzle, on 8 September at the SCO Concert Hall. This one-night concert will be conducted by SYCO conductor Quek Ling Kiong.

In this annual chamber concert, the SYCO young musicians will perform a selection of classics and playful pieces. A descriptive and beautiful composition by Johann Sebastian Bach – Air – will be performed by the SYCO sheng quartet. This quartet arrangement is specially arranged by SCO zhongyin sheng musician Zhong Zhi Yue. The strings ensemble will perform in Lo Leung Fai’s Love of Strings, showcasing the various techniques of the strings. Famous ancient tune Three Variations of the Parting at Yangguan will be performed by guan musician Ow Song Sim and guzheng musician Roy Yuen Ze Min. This piece is adapted from a poem, depicts the sadness and sorrow during death and partings.

SYCO dizi musician, Joyce Poh Hui Bing, Bian Tong, Tan Jun Qiang and Cheng Chen will showcase their talent in dizi quartet Teasing with Roosters by Simon Kong Su Leong. The percussion ensemble will present the first movement – Games of Cymbals – and the fourth movement – Games of Drums – of Sound Games by Jia Da Qun. Through a diversified rhythmic arrangement, this piece will express a sense of elegance and leisure. The suona quintet will play Sui Li Jun’s mysterious Tune of God while Zhou Cheng Long’s At The Market will showcase the guzheng, yangqin, erhu, dizi, bawu, pipa and daruan – also known as the sizhu ensemble. The finale is a challenging piece by Wang Dan Hong – Dynamic Plucked Strings – which showcases the talents and virtuosity of the 21-member percussion, plucked-strings and dizi musicians.

SYCO is a group of highly talented young musicians between the ages of 11 to 26 years old. From June 2009, under a collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Singapore Chinese Orchestra, SYCO was elevated to the status of National Project of Excellence (NPOE), with the vision to nurture potential talents and groom them to be the future pillars of Singapore’s Chinese orchestral music scene.

This is a concert that showcases the excellence of the young musicians! Be sure to catch these aspiring young musicians as they showcase their zest and virtuosity through their music!

   Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong                              Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra

Concert details:

SYCO Chamber Recital: Elegant Music Series IV – Youth Dazzle
Date: 8 September 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: SCO Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $12
Tickets from SISTIC

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