SPH Gift of Music presents two free SCO community concerts in October

Singapore, 16 October 2015 (Friday) – Sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) under the SPH Gift of Music Series, Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) presents two community concerts in October. SCO will perform at Hong Lim Park on 24 October, 7.30pm and, for the first time, present a community concert at its home at the SCO Concert Hall (Singapore Conference Hall) on 31 October, 5pm. Both concerts will be conducted by SCO Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong. Admission is free.

SCO Community Concert: A Night with SCO @ Hong Lim (24 October)

SCO will collaborate with Hong Lim Community Centre’s Drum Ensemble to perform Huang Fei Hong Theme Song: A Man Should Stand Strong (男儿当自强). A majestic ancient tune with re-arrangement by Gu Guan Ren, The General’s Command (将军令) will drum up the atmosphere with its imposing tune. SCO will also perform the third movement of Law Wei Lun’s Admiral of the Seven Seas: The Voyage (海上第一人 – 郑和之海路), a celebratory Mongolian folk song Joyous Reunion(喜相逢)featuring SCO dizi musicians Yin Zhi Yang, Lim Sin Yeo, Zeng Zhi and Phang Thean Siong. Audiences can also sing-along to familiar pieces including Fong Fei Fei’s Years Flow as Water (流水年华) and tunes from local drama theme songs  including Strive奋斗)from “The Awakening” (雾锁南洋), Good Morning, Sir! 早安老师)from “Good Morning, Sir!”(早安老师), Kopi-O (情感联络站)from “Coffee Shop”(咖啡乌)and I Can Endure the Hardship 我吃得起苦)from “Stepping Out”(出路).

SCO Community Concert: SCH’s 50th Anniversary Concert: Reminiscing Those Years (31 October)

SCO community concert will return to the home of SCO – the Singapore Conference Hall – to celebrate the concert hall’s 50th anniversary with a musical treat for all SCO fans. Enjoy pieces including Those Years(那些年)which depicts the reminiscence of the past through the eyes of people as they mature over the years, festive Dance of the Yao People (瑶族舞曲), Memory (忆), The Dagger Society Suite (小刀会组曲 – 序曲),Bow Dance (弓舞), multicultural piece Di Tanjong Katong & Wu Cai Bin Fen (丹绒加东与五彩缤纷)as well as Singaporeans’ favourite Home(家). With the limited seating capacity at the SCO Concert Hall, online ticket registration is required for 31 October’s concert.

SCO community concerts serve to bring music closer to everyone. This popular free concert series reflects SCO’s mission to be a people’s orchestra – an institution for the community – where high standard performances are brought to the community. SPH Gift of Music celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with the aim of bringing music to the community and promoting greater awareness of local musicians to the public.

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong     Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Concert details:

SPH Gift of Music presents SCO Community Concert:
A Night with SCO @ Hong Lim
Date: 24 October 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Hong Lim Park
Free admission

SPH Gift of Music presents SCH 50th Anniversary Concert:
Reminiscing Those Years
Date: 31 October 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 5pm
Venue: SCO Concert Hall
Free admission by online ticket registration only.
Register for tickets through http://scocommunityseries.eventbrite.sg

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