Chen Ying Guang Helen

Chen Ying Guang Helen started studying cello at the age of 8. In 1978, Chen Ying Guang was admitted into Xinghai Conservatory of Music with her excellent results, she thus become the youngest student in the school. With her music talent and her passion towards Cello performing, she achieved the best result in the school and had been enrolled into the undergraduate course of bowed strings section. In 1988, she again achieved the top ranking in the bowed strings section, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. After graduation, she was appointed as a soloist and sectional vice-principal in the Guangzhou Zhu Ying Orchestra, China. She was also invited to do many solo recordings. She joined Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) in 2003. During her service in SCO, she has visited various countries such as England, Hungary, France and China to conduct well received performances. Besides, Chen Ying Guang has also been appointed as the editor of the Cello syllabus by the National University of Singapore Centre for the Arts.