Han Ying

Han Ying is born in Dalian, China. She is currently a ruan musician in SCO. She was the former secretarygeneral of the China Nationalities Orchestra Ruan and Liuqin Association and vice-president of Ruan Association in Liaoning Province. Since young, Han Ying followed famous ruan and liuqin composer and educator, Lin Ji Liang in mastering the performance techniques. With double and laude in professional and cultural studies, Han Ying was admitted to the Shenyang Conservatory of Music in 2001, where she studied under Lin Ji Liang and Zhou Chang Hua in learning ruan. She had performed as a soloist in many occasions during the ruan music exchange seminars, and she had also performed two premiere works from Lin Ji Liang.

Han Ying was awarded the 2001 Lan Ling Cup International Music Festival Gold Award in duet category, Gold Award for a solo performance in the 2002 1st National Music Majors Arts Festival in Liaoning Province, and she performed the premiere works by Lin Ji Liang, The Legend of Mountain Cuihua and Thought of Grieve – Ruan with Orchestra by Cao Jia Yun, and won the Performance Award in the 1st National Instrumental Works Competition.

She won the first prize in 2005 for a premiere performance of Resentment of the Far in National Youth Folk Music Festival Peaches and Plums Fragrance organised by the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, and also an Outstanding Performance Award in the 2nd National Instrumental Ensembles Competition (folk music) organised by Chinese Culture and Art Government Award and Culture and Art Institution. Han Ying was awarded a Gold medal in 2007 National Instrumental Competition (Professional Group A) and joined SCO in 2008.