Jin Shi Yi

Jin Shi Yi is a master in suona and guanzi performing. Being the first musician in China to achieve a Masters degree in guanzi performance, Jin Shi Yi is now the suona cum guanzi Sectional Principal of Singapore Chinese Orchestra. His biography is included in The Best of Traditional Chinese Music, Instruments and Musicians.

Having shown his musical talents since young, Jin Shi Yi was recruited by the China Movie Orchestra at a tender age of 12. In 1986, Jin Shi Yi enrolled into the China Conservatory of Music and graduated with a Masters degree in 1992. He was offered a teaching position in the Conservatory Department of Instrumental Music upon his graduation from the conservatory. From 1989 to 2000, Jin Shi Yi staged various solo concerts in Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia. Jin Shi Yi was also invited as a soloist to perform in China Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Taiwan Traditional Arts Festival and Korean Seoul International Folk Music Festival. He recorded various CD under NAXOS, PHILIPS and ROI Productions labels. Jin Shi Yi composed and rearranged a series of guanzi pieces, and started a suona performance in a quartet which is highly acclaimed by music critics.

Jin Shi Yi has won the second prize in the 1995 China National Chinese Instrumental Music Solo Competition. He was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Performer Award at the 1996 Korea International Wind Instrumental Music Festival Competition.