Koh Min Hui

Koh Min Hui started learning the Ruan at a tender age of 8 under the tutelage of Xu Yi Ping. Since 2006, she has been under the tutelage of Zhang Rong Hui, Principal of Ruan in Singapore Chinese Orchestra, majoring in Ruan. A recipient of the Ngee Ann Kongsi merit award for degree studies 2010; Koh Min Hui graduated from her BA (Hons) Music with a second upper class honours at NAFA in 2011 and is currently a full-time Zhong Ruan musician in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. She is also the sectional principal for the Zhong Ruan section in the Singapore Ruan Chamber Ensemble.

The only Gold award winner of the 2010 Inaugural International Beijing Ruan Competition professional youth category representing Singapore, Koh Min Hui has also been awarded the Gold Award in 2003 and 2005 for the East Zone Chinese Instrumental Competition, 2nd runner up in the Inaugural Singapore Ruan Competition in 2005 and the 2006 National Arts Council National Chinese Music Competition (Zhong Ruan Youth Category). She was also the First prize winner of the 2008 National Arts Council National Chinese Music Competition (Zhong Ruan Open Category).

Besides having highly acclaimed performances in countries such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, Koh Min Hui represented Singapore together with the Ding Yi Music Company for the 4th ASEAN Festival of Arts held at Pampanga, Philippines in March 2010. She was privileged to be featured as a soloist with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in the SYCO annual concert, “Dauntless Spirit 2011”.