Li Bao Shun

Li Bao Shun started learning violin from his brother at the age of seven and learning erhu since eight-year old. In 1983, he gained entry into the China Conservatory of Music and studied under renowned string master Liu Min Yuan and was trained by Zhao Yan Chen, Jiang Feng Zhi, Lan Yu Song, Wang Guo Tong, Zhang Shao, An Ru Li and Ji Gui Zhen respectively. In 1978, he entered the Fuzhou Military Airbase Cultural Troupe. After his graduation in 1987, he joined the China Central Chinese Orchestra and was its erhu sectional principal in 1988. In 1995, he was the Acting Concertmaster of the China Central Chinese Orchestra. In the same year, he was appointed the Concertmaster of the Asia Orchestra comprising of musicians from China, Japan and Korea. 


Li Bao Shun has shown his talent in music since young and has won many prizes in the National Erhu Competition in China. He has also performed in numerous big-scale performances in China. He was a delegate with the China Cultural Department and Central Chinese Orchestra to perform in many countries. He has frequently performed as a soloist with many orchestras, conductors and composers from China and overseas. Li Bao Shun joined the SCO in late 1997 and is currently the Concertmaster.