Lim Sin Yeo

A versatile homegrown dizi musician, Lim Sin Yeo joined the People’s Association Chinese Orchestra as a full-time musician in 1979 and is currently the dizi musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. He is also an executive member of the Singapore Chinese Instrumental Music Association as well as the vice president of the Dizi Society. He has represented Singapore to perform as a soloist in China, Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, West Malaysia and Egypt. His performance was highly commended by the Chinese orchestra circle.

Lim Sin Yeo has studied dizi performing skills and techniques under the tutelage of various China dizi masters including Yu Xun Fa. In 1993, Lim Sin Yeo was awarded the National Arts Council (NAC) Scholarship. He gained entry into the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studied under dizi master Zhao Song Ting. He put up a solo performance at the graduation concert on the same year.

Lim Sin Yeo has always exhibited mastery of the dizi techniques. His performances always come with a rich and pleasant timbre. He attained Grade 8 in flute performance awarded by the Academic British Royal School of Music. Presently, he is an instructor of the SYCO, National University of Singapore, Raffles Institution and Chung Cheng (Main) High School Chinese Orchestras. He is also an adjuct teacher at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Lim Sin Yeo has contributed much to the Chinese orchestral music circle.