Liu Zhi Yue

Liu Zhi Yue graduated in Instrumental Studies from the China Conservatory of Music, majoring in erhu. During his days in university, he studied composing and Chinese orchestral conducting under the tutelage of Quan Jihao and Huang Xiaofei. He started learning the piano at the age of 5 and the erhu from his father, Liu Zunhai at the age of 10. In 2001, he won the first “Tianhua Cup” National Professional Erhu Youth Competition and accomplished his solo music concert. In the following year, he won the first Chinese Folk Instrument Solo Competition under China Youth Arts Competition. In 2007, he won the gold award for the 6th China Golden Bell Award, Tianjin zone, erhu division. He has also recorded and published various instrumental CDs and books. In 2006, he was appointed Guest Conductor for the Chinese Folk Orchestra of the “Can Ou” Special Arts College, Beijing Science and Technology Vocational School, and performed for the Beijing National “Can Ou” Achievement Show. Liu Zhi Yue joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2008.