Meng Jie

Born in Tangshan, Hebei, Meng Jie started learning suona at the age of 14 under the tutelage of Yuan Zhen Ping. First in the entry exam in 1997, Meng Jie received his musical training in Hebei Province Arts School. He won the first prize scholarship in two consecutive years, as well as the honorary title Three Good Student and graduated as the Hebei Province Arts School 2002 Excellent Graduate. With offers to enter China’s most prestigious conservatories, namely, the China Conservatory, Central Music Conservatory, Liberatory Army Arts Institute and Central University of Nationalities, he chose China Conservatory and was under the tutelage of Wang Hong Fei and Zuo Ji Cheng. He has also received guidance from Zhen Jia Qi from Central Music Conservatory. He has also visited famous Suona musician Liu Bing Chen in Shandong and Hao Yu Qi in Henan to receive more professional guidance. Meng Jie actively engaged himself in all forms of performances and competitions during his varsity years, and recorded programmes by CCTV.

Meng Jie was also awarded with 2nd prize at the National Province Suona Competition (Professional Category) and a Silver Award at the 2nd Competition of Chinese Musical Instruments Performance (Instrumental Category). In 2006 he graduated from China Conservatory of Music with excellent results and was awarded the honorary title of Excellent Graduate. After which, Meng Jie joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and has been performing actively with the orchestra as a suona musician. In 2008, Meng Jie presented his first solo concert in Esplande, Singapore. He was also invited as solo guest to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Professional Cultural Center Orchestra