Shen Qin

Shen Qin was born in Jiangsu province, China. At the age of 11, she was under tutelage by renowned instructors Wu Huai Yuan, Si Hong Zhong, Chen Zhao Ru and Min Hui Fen. Shen Qin has won numerous competitions at the provincial and national level as well as produced multiple CD recordings. She has performed as a soloist in Beijing as well as other provinces in China. Shen Qin joined SCO in 2002. Her performance is refined yet robust, possessing and infectious panache. Renowned erhu performer Min Hui Fen once complimented Shen Qin on her mastery of playing technique, praising her technical skills.

Shen Qin is also an avid promoter of erhu learning. Since 2006, her students have won several prizes at the National Chinese Music Competitions’ Erhu Open Category. Some of her students were auditioned into Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra as concertmaster and erhu principals, and also high scorers in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ Erhu Examinations.