Tan Chye Tiong

With a scholarship from the SCO, Tan Chye Tiong went to Beijing and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Thereafter, Tan Chye Tiong received the National Arts Council Scholarship in 1993 and studied in Shanghai for a period of 6 months. He also won the First Prize in the Dizi Category of the Fourth and Tenth National Music Competition.

Tan Chye Tiong has held numerous recitals in Singapore and China. His compositions and arrangements include the dizi solo, Lyrical North, and a piece written for xun, The Shepherd Su Wu.

In addition to the Dizi, Tan Chye Tiong also plays the xiao, an instrument from Fujian Nanyin and the Japanese shakuhachi. He received his xiao training at the Siong Leng Music Association, and studied shakuhachi under grand master Nakao Tozan the Fourth and Koshuzan Ueno, the shakuhachi master of the Tozan school, attaining the honorable rank of “Menkyo Kaiden”.

Tan Chye Tiong is currently a part-time Lecturer at the National Institute of Education and LaSalle-SIA College of Arts. He is also active in the Fine Arts arena, and has held five solo exhibitions in Singapore and South Korea. His art pieces are sought after by many local and overseas art collectors and organisations.