Tao Kai Li

Tao Kai Li is currently the gaohu and banhu player with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Tao Kai Li began to learn erhu at the age of five. At the age of eight, she joined the Nanjing Xiao Hong Hua Art Group and was selected to perform in Japan at the age of twelve. In 1985, she entered the affiliated school of Nanjing Art College. She won the Outstanding Performance Award at the China Jiangsu Province Chinese Musical Instrumental Competition. In 1992, she entered the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing. She learned erhu, gaohu and banhu from huqin Mastero Liu Ming Yuan. In 1996, she successfully held a huqin recital in Beijing. In the same year, she entered Shanghai Chinese Orchestra and learned with huqin maestro Min Hui Fen. In 2002, she recorded a MTV. Tao Kai Li has also gained guidance from Zhu Chang Yao, Shen Cheng, An Ru li, Cao De Wei and Yu Qi Wei.

Tao Kai Li has performed in Korean, Austria, Germany and France. She won the Second Prize of the 1993 China National Erhu Competition Open Category that was held in conjunction with “ the 100th birthday of Hua Yan Jun”, the famous erhu artist.