Wu Ke Fei

Wu Kefei, graduated from Shanghai Conservatory Of Music in 2011 and is currently the Zhonghu Associate Principal with Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Wu Kefei developed a keen interest in music since little, and started studying Erhu and piano at the age of four. By showing her extraordinary talent at a very young age, she was admitted to the Affiliated school of SCM (Shanghai Conservatory of Music) where she studied under Wang Lili and Lin Xinming. In the duration of middle school and high school, she was frequently selected to represent the school to perform at many music events including Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.

Wu Kefei gained entry into SCM in the year of 2007, and was mentored by one of the most famous Erhu/ Banhu musicians in China, Huo Yonggang. Between 2008 and 2010, she was appointed the Gaohu Principal of SCM Chinese Orchestra and participated in The NEW-concept Chinese opera composition Music Festival, Shanghai conservatory of music new music week and Shanghai International Electroacoustic Music Week etc. In the year of 2010, Wu Kefei joined AMRITA Band ( Founded by Dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music Composing Department/ noted composer He Xuntian and composer/ music producer Song Ge ) and delivered flawless and widely appreciated performance in the 2nd World Music Shanghai 2010. She also took part in Shanghai Expo 500-day-countdown charity concert and the quintet of Citizen Stage in the same year.

Wu Kefei won the scholarship for three years in a row and was awarded the triple-A outstanding student in her last year of college. In 2009, she won the Chinese Chamber Music Gold Prize presented by China Musicians Association for her amazing performing and music arranging skills in Beijing International Youth Cultural Art Festival China-Japan Youth Perform Contest.

In 2011, Wu Kefei was admitted to the master’s degree programme in Shanghai Conservatory of Music and was offered a position at SCO at the same time. She chose to join the SCO and was appointed the Zhonghu Associate Principal since the August of 2012.