Xu Fan

Xu Fan was graduated from the Faculty of Philharmonic, China Central Conservatory of Music, major in percussion music. Since young, he learned percussion techniques from his father, a Chinese traditional percussion music teacher from the Xi’an Conservatory of Music. In 2001, he started his western percussion technique learning journey under the guidance of Li Ya Juan, a Percussion teacher from Xi’an Conservatory of Music. In 2002, he followed percussion professor Liu Gang in the Central Conservatory of Music, learning western percussion technique. At the same time, he learned Chinese percussion techniques from Wang Yi Dong from the China Conservatory of Music. He obtained his qualifications in the Central Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory of Music, enrolled into the Faculty of Percussion, Central Conservatory of Music, continued his study of western percussion techniques under percussion soloist, Li Biao, a visiting percussion professor of the Central Conservatory of Music.

During the schooling period, he had been participating as a percussionist in the China Youth Symphony Orchestra to perform in many major concert halls, such as the National Theatre and Poly Theatre. He also performed in Peking University Centennial Auditorium, Tsinghua University and others, more than 20 institutions of higher education in Beijing, successfully collaborated with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, the National Ballet of China Opera Dance Theatre and other professional orchestras.

Xu Fan joined Li Biao Percussion Group in 2005. He recorded a track for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony. In addition, he had also won praises from performances at the National Grand Theater, Beijing Poly Theater, Beijing Concert Hall, Forbidden City Concert Hall, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places. In July 2008, he graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music. Since January 2009, he has been employed by SCO as a percussion musician.

Xu Fan has displayed his western and Chinese traditional percussion techniques skillfully in many performances. Over the years of practice, he has mastered a large number of repertoires, involving various western and Chinese percussion instruments such as timpani, marimba, vibraphone, snare drum, percussion combination set, Chinese traditional big drum, Chinese traditional row drum and others.