Zhang Bin

Zhang Bin graduated from the Xi’an Conservatory of Music in 1987 and was a lecturer of the Conservatory, as well as a member of the China Musicians’ Association and the China National Music Society. Zhang Bin is currently an erhu musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Zhang Bin was a prize-winner twice at the Conservatory’s Chinese Musical Instrumental Competition. In 1985, he won third prize in the 1st Erhu Competition and his performance was recorded in the CD of winning collections. He also won the Outstanding Award in the China ART Cup in 1989 and the Shanghai Festival of Spring in 1991. Zhang Bin was under the guidance of erhu masters such as Lan Yu Song, Min Hui Fen, Yu Qi Wei and Shen Feng Quan. He studied his Masters degree course in the Young Teachers’ Development Centre of the China Xibei University. His performance style displays an array of techniques learnt from his teachers, and can be simple, graceful and smooth, yet bold and unrestrained.