Zhang Rong Hui

Zhang Rong Hui is currently the Ruan Principal of SCO, she is also a honorary member of China Nationalities Orchestra Society Professional Ruan Committee, artistic director of Singapore Ruan Xian Chamber Ensemble, a member of Musicians’ Association of Singapore, mentor for Department of Music of The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and the National University of Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

Since young, Zhang Rong Hui studied guzheng under the tutelage of guzheng master, Gao Zhi Cheng. In 1985, she was admitted into the China Xi’an Conservatory of Music Affiliated High School, followed Ning Yong to major in ruan and minor in piano, given an award by the academy. In 1991, she entered the China Conservatory Instrumental Department with outstanding academic result, and under the tutelage of Miao Xiao Yun, Zhang Xin Hua in learning ruan and liuqin.

Zhang Rong Hui was graduated with a China Conservatory Bachelor’s degree in 1995. During this period, she collaborated with numerous broadcasting corporations and video production companies, and was invited by CCTV to record her first solo ruan music video, Praise of Water which was well received by audience. Also during the schooling period, she followed master Liu De Hai to represent the China Conservatory of Music to perform in Hong Kong Culture and Art Festival and received an award from the China Conservatory of Music.

After graduation, Zhang Rong Hui formed Ladies’s Quintet while she was with China Song and Dance Ensemble, performed in many provinces in China and was awarded first prize in ruan section during a Professional Technical Assessment conducted by the China’s Ministry of Culture. At the same time, she was invited to teach in the China Conservatory of Music Affiliated High School. Since 1997, she has worked with SCO and has been performed in Japan, Beijing, United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries. Zhang Rong Hui’s performing style is pure and beautiful, highly skilled, emotionally rich and full of vibrant.

Zhang Rong Hui is also actively imparting her skills to her students while performing with the orchestra over the years. She was invited to be an inviting guest in a professional ruan seminar organised by National Arts Council of Singapore. She was interviewed by Radio 95.8FM, China Radio International and Oral History of the National Archives of Singapore, played a significant role in promoting and popularising professional ruan performances. During many years of educating and practicing, she has continuously exploring and the pursuing perfection in her techniques, summed up her unique teaching methods and has helped Singapore to nurture a large number of outstanding young musicians. These young talents have won many outstanding awards in national instrumental competitions. Four of them have won the gold, silver and bronze awards of the Professional Group in 2010 First China Beijing Ruan Invitational Competition. This is the best result for the Singapore youth ruan musicians in Chinese Professional Instrumental Soloist Competition. Zhang Rong Hui was also awarded the Outstanding Instructor Award and the Outstanding Group Award by the China Nationalities Orchestra Society; she is the first ruan instructor to receive such an honorary award.

Zhang Rong Hui founded the Singapore Ruan Xian Chamber Ensemble in 2005. In a few years’ time, the Ensemble became one of the country’s top youth orchestra. The Ensemble has been invited to perform in the presence of many national leaders and dignitaries and travelled to Beijing, Indonesia, Taiwan and other places, praised highly and well recognized by the music profession. Zhang Rong Hui has coached many guzheng orchestras which won numerous Singapore Education Ministry’s SYF Gold with Honour and Gold Awards.