Zhang Yin

Zhang Yin started learning the pipa from Fan Hua Li from a tender age, and continued to be under her tutelage when she was admitted to the Hebei Arts Vocational College. In 2005, she entered the Central Conservatory of Music with excellent results, and actively participated in various performances with the National Youth Orchestra and the Cantonese music groups.

She also participated in various television recordings with CCTV and other programs. In December 2006, she successfully held a personal recital at the People’s Republic of China University. In 2008, Zhang Yin was invited by the Central Opera and Dance Theatre Symphony Orchestra to collaborate on the Yellow River Cantata as a pipa soloist to good reviews. She was under the guidance of renowned teachers such as Liu Hai De, Li Guang Hua, Wu Yu Xia, Yang Bao Yuan and learnt guqin from Li Xiang Ting.

She had won the first prize in the Second National Youth Junior Instrumental Competition (China, Hebei Province). During July 2003, she had also won second prize in “Tian Hua Bei” National Youth Pipa Competition (China) and in 2008  won the “Cultural Prize” awarded by the Chinese Minstry of Culture as well as the Bronze Prize for the National Youth Traditional Instrunment Competition..

In 2010, Zhang Yin joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra as a pipa musician.