Zhao Jian Hua

Zhao Jian Hua is the erhu I Principal of the SCO and a member of the Chinese Musicians’ Association. Born in Shanghai, he learned erhu performance under his uncle, educator Li Liang, at a young age. Li Liang’s rigorous training laid the groundwork for Zhao Jian Hua’s musical career. In 1975, Zhao Jian Hua represented Shanghai City Changning District Youth Cultural Centre in the China Youth Cultural Performance (Chinese and Western Instruments) Instrumental Solo Competition and won the highest award. The following year, Zhao Jian Hua performed the erhu solo in the youth category of “Shanghai Spring International Music Festival” and garnered critical acclaim.

In 1978, Zhao Jian Hua was selected for the prestigious College of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, where he was under the tutelage of renowned erhu master Min Hui Fen. He won awards at numerous high-profile competitions such as the National Chinese Instrumental Music Competition in Wuhan, and the Shanghai City Young Musician Association Competition in 1985.

Zhao Jian Hua’s biography is also recorded in thRecord of Outstanding Chinese Youths and the Record of Chinese Musicians.