Dreams of Homeland – SCO with Zhang Wei Liang

21 May 2017 (Sun)
Victoria Concert Hall

ConductorTsung Yeh
DiziZhang Wei Liang
DiziZeng Zhi

Thoughts of Homeland / Zhao Ji Ping
Dizi Concerto: Tears of Flowers / Composed by Zhang Wei Liang、orchestration by Yang Qing
Dizi Concerto: The Spring Orchid / Composed by Zhao Song Ting、arranged by Gu Guan Ren
Dizi Concerto: Southern WindWorld Premiere/ Cui Quan
Quartet: San Xiao / Chen Qi Gang
Double Dizi Concerto: Dreams of Homeland / Zhang Wei Liang
– First Movement:Voice of Homeland
– Second Movement:Joy of Homeland
– Third Movement:Love of Homeland
– Fourth Movement:Journey to Homeland

Dizi master Zhang Wei Liang will perform with SCO to present a concert filled with the flavours of hometown. Born in Suzhou, Zhang Wei Liang’s deep sentiments for his hometown led him to compose double dizi concerto, Dreams of Homeland which he will be performing with his student, SCO dizi musician Zeng Zhi, in this concert.  Zhang Wei Liang will also showcase his virtuosity in the piece, The Spring Orchid, dedicated in loving memory of his mentor Zhao Song Ting. The concert will present Chen Qi Gang’s San Xiao in a quartet format. 

Ticket Prices: $70, $50, $30/$15*, $20/$10* (Prices exclude SISTIC fee)

Lianhe Zaobao – SCO Pre-concert Talk with Zhang Wei Liang

17  May 2017 (Wednesday)
7.30pm – 9pm
China Cultural Centre
(217 Queen Street)

Sign up through zbnow@sph.com.sg with the subject title ‘Meeting with the Musicians’ to grab your chance!