Hits of Chinese Music I: Woodwinds

8 & 9 December 2017 (Fri & Sat)
8 pm
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium

Conductor: Tsung Yeh
Dizi: Yin Zhi Yang, Lim Sin Yeo, Zeng Zhi, Tan Chye Tiong, Phang Thean Siong
Suona: Jin Shi Yi, Chang Le, Meng Jie, Liu Jiang
Sheng: Guo Chang Suo, Kevin Cheng
Guanzi: Han Lei


Red Blossoms Abound / Xu Jingqing
Flute Trio: All Is Good In Jiangnan / Composed by Tan Mi Zi, Jin Shiying and Yu Xianming, adapted by Shu Lian
Suona and Orchestra: Salesman Comes to Village /  Zhang Xiaofeng
Sheng and Orchestra: Tunes of the Shanxi Opera / Yan Hai-deng
Dizi and Small Ensemble: Whip the Horses On / Composed by Wei Xianzhong, orchestration by Wen Liangui
Sheng and Orchestra: The Phoenix Spreads its Wings / Hu Tianquan, Dong Hong De
Suona and Orchestra: Celebration / Ge Lidao, Yin Kaixian
Sounds of Pines / Shi Wanchun
Dizi and Orchestra: Journey to Gusu (World Premiere of New Arrangement Version) / Composed by Jiang Xianwei, arranged by Simon Kong Su Leong
Guanzi and Orchestra: Jianghe Waters / Dongbei folk music, arranged by Sim Boon Yew
Double Suona and Orchestra: Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix (World Premiere of New Arrangement Version) / Shandong folk music, rearranged by Simon Kong Su Leong
Amorous Feelings for the Yellow River / Jing Jianshu

Hits of Chinese Music is a new series of concerts which will present classic Chinese music pieces in their original composition presentation through the four respective sections of the orchestra. SCO woodwind section will kickstart this series with pieces such as Red Blossoms Abound, Journey to Gusu, Jianghe Waters, Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix, The Phoenix Spreads its Wings, Salesman Comes to Village and more, performed in a chamber and orchestra format.

Ticket Pricing (Excludes Booking Fee): S$70, S$50, S$30