Music Oasis: Musical Journey Around China

31 March 2018 (Sat) 
Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Conductors: Moses Gay
Dizi: Yin Zhi Yang


Dance of the Yao People / Composed by Mao Yuan, Liu Tie Shan, Orchestrated by Peng Xiu Wen
Fourth Movement: Vanquishing Demons from A Trip to Lhasa / Kuan Nai-chung
First Movement: A Va Mountain from Dianxi Folk Tunes / Guo Wen Jing
Dizi and Ensemble: Song of the Herdsmen / Composed by Jian Guang Yi, Orchestrated by Jian Guang Yi, Wang Zhi Wei
The Silk Road / Jiang Ying
Jasmine / Liu Wen Jin


The Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) Music Oasis Concert will perform a selection of repertoire to bring audience on a musical tour around China. Expect to hear rousing pieces such as popular China folk song Jasmine composed by Liu Wen Jin, The Silk Road composed by Jiang Ying and Dance of the Yao People orchestrated by Peng Xiu Wen. SCO Assistant Conductor Moses Gay is the conductor for this concert.