National Chinese Music Competition 2018 Prize Winners’ Concert

9 December 2018 (Sunday)


SCO Concert Hall

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

Co-organised by the National Arts Council and SCO, the 11th edition of the National Chinese Music Competition is a platform that celebrates excellence in traditional Chinese Music. This biennial competition aims to develop the performing skills of young musicians and identify promising new talents. Winners will perform with SCO at the Prize Winners’ Concert.


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Ticket Prices: (before SISTIC fees): $10


Liangshan Capriccio / Zhang Xiao Feng

Suona: Ng Chu Ying, 1st Prize, Suona Open Category


Floating Clouds and Flowing Water / Zhang Wei Liang

Dizi: Ong Guan Xian, 1st Prize, Dizi Open Category


Asparas on the Silk Road / Composed by Zhao Cong, orchestrated by Yin Tian Hu

Pipa: Wang Siyuan, 1st Prize, Pipa Open Category


The Brave Spirits of the Snow Mountain / Liu Wenjin

Erhu: Zeng Can Ran, 1st Prize, Erhu Junior Category

Accompaniment: Hsieh I-Chieh


Green Bamboo Forest / Xiang Zu Hua

Yangqin: Wang Yining Marianne, 1st Prize, Yangqin Youth Category


Fantasia /  Wang Jian Min

Guzheng: Kuo Pei Yu, 1st Prize, Guzheng Youth Category


Kung Fu / Li Bo Chan

Ensemble: Reverberance, 2nd Prize, Ensemble Open Category