SCO Community Series @ Nee Soon South

10 February 2018 (Sat)

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong
Suona: Chang Le
Dizi: Yin Zhi Yang, Tan Chye Tiong, Pang Thean Siong, Zeng Zhi

Overture— Dance of the Golden Snake / Arranged by Tan Jian Ping, adapted by Zhang Da Sen

Nocturnal Peace / Composed by Liu Tian Hua, re-arranged by Yan Hui Chang

Happy Lantern Festival / Composed by Liu Ying, instrumentation by Zhou Zhong Kang

Happy Times / Jiangnan string and woodwind music, re-arranged by Zhou Cheng Long

A Journey Around SingaporeRe-arranged by Eric James Watsons

Celebrating the New Year / Chinese New Year music, re-arranged by Law Wai Lun

Spring Suite – II: Sturdy Steeds Gallop / Gu Guan Ren


Let us celebrate and welcome the Year of the Dog as SCO bring to you a series of festive music. Sing along to Celebrating the New Year and indulge in other joyous pieces such as Dance of the Golden Snake, Happy Times, Happy Lantern Festival and many more!