SCO Mother’s Day Concert

11 & 12 May 2018 (Fri & Sat)
SCO Concert Hall

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong
Erhu: She Ling
Liuqin: Zhang Li
Vocal: Ling Kai


The Legend of the Condor Heroes Trilogy / Rearranged by Law Wai Lun

Liuqin Concerto: Beyond the Horizons / Su Wen-Cheng, Cheng Tsui-Ping

Erhu and Orchestra: Strings of Lingnan / Wang Danhong


Mother’s Story

Message from audience and Orchestra: 
Thank You / Composed by Autumn When, orchestrated by Lam Zipeng
For Her /  Composed by Autumn When, rearranged by Tan Kah Yong


Songs for Mother

Vocal and Orchestra:
My Mother’s Umbrella / Composition and lyrics by Ling Kai, Orchestration by Lam Zipeng
Eighteen / Composition and lyrics by Ling Kai, Orchestration by Lam Zipeng
Mama, How are U? / Lyrics by Kenn Wu, Iris Judotter, Music by Kenn Wu, Orchestration by Lam Zipeng


Anita Mui Medley / Re-arranged by Lam Zipeng

All Mothers are alike / Composed by Yang Yaodong, Arranged by Yeo Puay Hian


Every Mother’s Day, SCO will dedicate a concert for all lovely mothers. This year, DJs from UFM100.3 will collaborate with SCO to delight you and your family in an evening of great music and enjoyment! Stay tuned for the special dedication from SCO musicians She Ling and Zhang Li, and UFM100.3 DJs to all wonderful mothers. Singaporean singer-songwriter, Ling Kai, will also showcase her composition and perform with SCO in this concert. This concert is in collaboration with UFM100.3.


Ticket Prices (Excluding SISTIC Fee): $88, $68, $58, $38/$25*, $20**
**Restricted View