Management & Administration Team

1. Management

Executive Director
Ho Wee San, Terence
Director (Programmes)
Director (Corporate Services)
Director (Business Development)
Deputy Director (Finance & Accounts Management)
Deputy Director (Artistic Administration)
Deputy Director (Facilities)
Assistant Director (Marketing Communications)
Assistant Director (Concert Production)

2. Artistic Administration

Assistant Manager
Lum Mun Ee
Senior Executive
Orchestra Librarian
Senior Assistant

3. Artistic Planning

Assistant Manager
Teo Nien Tuan, June
Lim Simin, Joanna
Teo Shu Rong

4. Business Development

Assistant Manager
Lim Fen Ni

5. Concert Production

Stage Manager
Lee Chun Seng
Senior Technician
Senior Production Crew
Production Crew

6. Finance & Accounts Management

Assistant Manager
Wong Siew Ling
Senior Executive
Senior Assistant
Senior Assistant (Procurement)

7. Human Resource & Administration

Assistant Manager (Human Resource)
Pang Qin Wei
Senior Executive (Orchestra Affairs)
Senior Executive (Administration)
Senior Assistant (Human Resource)

8. Marketing Communications

Senior Executive
Ho Yun Fang Shannen
Poon Chern Yung
Senior Assistant

9. Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra

Senior Executive
Sim Kai Yang
Wong Xinrui, Jeremy

10. Venue Management

Senior Executive
Cheow Zhi Kang, Joshua
Senior Building Specialist

11. Venue Marketing

Senior Executive
Lee Poh Hui, Clement
Senior Assistant
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