Huang Gui Fang

Huang Gui Fang was born in Shanghai, and entered the affiliated high school of the Central Conservatory of Music at the age of 13 where she begun her full time professional learning of the sanxian. Two years later, she was transferred to the affiliated high school of the China Conservatory of Music, receiving tutelage from renowned sanxian musician, educator and reformist, Xiao Jian Sheng. She also received directions from Tan Long Jian and Zhang Nian Bing during her days as a student. In 1986, Huang Gui Fang graduated from the conservatory with outstanding results, and stayed in the affiliated high school to teach. It was a year later that she joined the experimental orchestra of the conservatory, which combined experimentation and practical into one.

Huang Gui Fang was a member of the Musicians’ Association of China, and joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra as a sanxian and ruan performer in 1997.

Between 1982 and 1996, Huang Gui Fang had represented Chinese artists in her visits to more than ten countries, including Canada, United States of America, Japan, France, the Philippines and Germany, where she participated in exchange and publicising activities and received high acclaims.

Huang Gui Fang has dubbed a large quantity of sanxian solo, ensemble and concerto music for the China Central Broadcasting Station, China Central Television and Music Channel. These include Eighteen Stanzas on the Barbarian Reed Pipe, Autumn Night, Tune of the Plum, Fantasy of the Dance, Eighteen Stanzas, Lady Liuqing, Low Moon by the Green River Bank, Shadows of the Propitious Crane etc. Huang Gui Fang has successfully launched debut performances of many works for the sanxian, including Fantasy of the Dance (Xu Xiaolin), Untitled (Zhang Qian Yi), Su Xiao Xiao (Yang Qing), Eighteen Stanzas on the Barbarian Reed Pipe (Li Heng) and the King of Single Stroke (Cui Quan).

Huang Gui Fang has won the First Grade Prize in the First National Ethnic Music Performing Competition in 1983, and First Prize in the China International Ethnic Music Grand Competition in 1995. With her passion, skills, exquisiteness and precision in performing, Huang Gui Fang is definitely a musician who is hard to come by.