Hits of Chinese Music II: Plucked Strings

29 Sep 2018 (Sat)


SCO Concert Hall

Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Clouds Over Xiao-Xiang Rivers / Composed by Guo Mian, Arranged by Gao Wei Jie

Pipa and Sanxian Duo:  Spring South of the River / Jiang Shui Lin 

Daruan, Yang Qin and Xiao Trio: Praise of Water / Ancient Tune, Arranged by Wang Zhong Bing

Ruan Ensemble: Camel Bells Along The Silk Road / Ning Yong

Plucked Strings Section: San Liu / Jiangnan Sizhu Music, Arranged by Gu Guan Ren 

Zhongruan and Orchestra: Still Clouds and a Solitary Crane / Liu Xing

Yangqin and Orchestrae: Imaginations of Yanhe / Composed by Wu Hao Ye and Yu Qing Zhu 

Guzheng and Orchestra: Against the Typhoon / Composed by Wang Chang Yuan, Arranged by Liu Bin

Pipa and Orchestra: Ambush from All Sides / Ancient Tune, Arranged by Wang Chen Wei

Ode to Plum Blossoms / Law Wai Lun

SCO’s Hits of Chinese Music is a series of concerts which will present Chinese music pieces through the four sections of the orchestra. After the debut of Hits of Chinese Music I: Woodwinds last year, the 2018-19 season,will present the plucked strings section. Along with SCO Pipa Principal Yu Jia, Yangqin Principal Qu Jian Qing, Zhongruan Principal Zhang Rong Hui and Zhongruan Associate Principal Lo Chai Xia, we welcome you to experience Hits of Chinese Music II: Plucked Strings with the best works of plucked-strings.

Ticket Prices: (before SISTIC fees): $88, $68, $58, $38/$25*, $20**