SCO Caring Series 2018

SCO Caring Series is an initiative (from 2007) to provide melodious music to patients in hospitals and care centres to provide them with a form of music enjoyment and healing touch. Besides patients, those working on the frontline, committed and dedicated to their line of work, need occasional breather and encouragement to bring their service to the next level. SCO aspires to provide this form of spiritual encouragement to these healthcare heroes and workers.


10 April (Tue), 3.30pm – Bright Vision Hospital
11 April (Wed), 12.30pm – Tan Tock Seng Hospital*
13 April (Fri), 3pm – St John’s Home
17 April (Tue), 1.30pm – Assisi Hospice
19 April (Thur), 12.30pm – Changi General Hospital*
20 April (Fri), 12pm – Singapore General Hospital*
18 May (Fri), 6.45pm – Jurong Community Hospital Tower C, Community Hub*

*Concerts that are open to public.


The Awakening / Composed by Lan Zhao Pang, arranged by Sim Boon Yew

Good Morning, Teacher / Composed by Lee Wei Song, arranged by Yeo Puay Hian

Little White Boat / Arranged by Lim Kiong Pin

The Olive Tree / Arranged by Lim Kiong Pin

Di Tanjong Katong & Yarkaiyin Kaatchhi / Composed by Sim Boon Yew, arranged by Wu Xiao Zhong

Paaduvan Vaarungal / Composed by Pandit M Ramalingam, arranged by Sim Boon Yew

Dizi with Ensemble: Whip the Horse Carriage Filled with Grains / Composed by Wei Xian Zhong, orchestrated by Wen Lian Gui

Erhu with Ensemble: Horse Racing / Composed by Huang Hai Huai, arranged by Qu Chun Quan

Burung Kakak Tua / Arranged by Quan Yun Ju

What a Wonderful World / Composed by G.D Weiss、 Thicle, arranged by Eric Watson

Seasons in the Sun / Arranged by Tan Kah Yong

The Bund / Composed by Gu Jia Hui, adapted by Phoon Yew Tien

I Ask Heaven / Composed by Jiang Zhi Feng, arranged by Tan Kah Yong

Strive Hard and You’ll Win / Composed by Chen Baitan, adapted by Sim Boon Yew



For all concerts except Bright Vision Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital, the SCO Caring Series is supported by: