SCO Voyage to Nanyang 3 is back to share about Singapore’s favourite food!

Singapore, 20 October 2015 (Tuesday) – Following the resounding success of the first two series of SCO’s first Chinese children production, Voyage to Nanyang 3 returns this year on, 6 November 2015 (Friday), 10.30am and 7 November 2015 (Saturday), 2.30pm and 5pm at the SCO Concert Hall. SCO Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong will take on the role of “Ah De” to introduce our local food culture and local delicacies to the audience through skit and music. Local actor Sugie Phua will play the role of Ah De’s new friend, Jing Suka (Hokkien dialect which means to like something very much). Together, they will bring the audience on a music journey to explore Singapore’s food trail.

The concert will world premiere Lin Yi’s Nanyang Cuisine of Yesteryears with a video showing the evolvement of Singapore food culture from street vendors to hawker centres. This video will give young audience an insight on the development of our local food culture. Composer Simon Kong’s Musical Delicacies will introduce Singapore’s iconic dishes in an interesting and quirky piece. Liu Chang’s Mysterious Spices will present the wide variety of spices found in Singapore to the local audience. Tropical fruits, rambutan and durian would also be served up in Simon Kong’s repertories, Izpirazione II – Rambutan and Durian. SCO percussion ensemble will make use our common kitchen crockery and cutlery to drum up a new flavour in Qian Zhao Xi’s Tableware Beats.

The top three favourite local dishes voted by audience last year have been composed into a world premiere piece by local composer, Eric Watson. Audience will get to hear how our favourite hainanese chicken rice, roti prata and nanyang breakfast will sound through Chinese music interpretation.

Ah De and Jing Suka’s performance will engage children in a fun and interactive way and allow them to learn about Singapore’s heritage and Chinese orchestral music through an easy-to-appreciate and fun production. There will be two sessions of pre-concert activity, titled “Sense of Smell Exhibition” at 1.30pm and 4pm, where children can explore and learn about the different types of food spices through their sense of smell.

voyage to nanyang 
Conductor:                                Narrator/ Actor:
Mr Quek Ling Kiong (Ah De)             Sugie Phua (Jing Suka)

Ah De and Jing Suka

Concert details:
Voyage to Nanyang 3: Food Paradise
Date/Time: 6 November 2015 (Friday), 10.30am
             7 November 2015 (Saturday), 2.30pm & 5pm
Venue: SCO Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $25 (excludes SISTIC fee)
Family Bundle (3 tickets and above): 10% discount
Tickets from SISTIC
Concert will be presented in mandarin.
Suitable for children 7 years and above.

Sense of Smell Exhibition
Date/Time: 7 November 2015 (Saturday), 1.30pm & 4pm
Free admission

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