SCO Young People’s Concert returns with the fourth series to introduce objects of the past!

Singapore, 1 November 2017 (Wednesday) – Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO)’s Young People’s Concert returns with the fourth series in November. This year, “Ah Teck” (enacted by SCO Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong) becomes a karung guni man to explore items used in the past and create new sounds and music with them! Voyage to Nanyang IV – Karung Guni Capriccioso will be held on 10 November 2017 and 11 November 2017 (Saturday) at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium.

Known for being a narrator, voice-over and radio broadcaster, Ong Teck Chon will perform with SCO as a narrator and actor as “Mr “O”ld-Fashioned”, the owner of an antique shop, in this concert. Ong Teck Chon is currently a media trainer, mentor, programme planner and producer.

This concert aims to let audience, both young and old, learn about vintage items commonly used in Singapore through Ah Teck and Mr “O”ld-Fashioned, as they reminisce Singapore’s olden days together. This one-hour long concert will be presented through four segments: The Pioneer Era of Broadcasting, Thoughts of An Antique Collector, A Karung Guni’s Old Records and Sounds from Vintage Items.

Singapore’s pioneering radio station, Rediffusion, will kickstart the concert with the first segment – The Pioneer Era of Broadcasting. The well-known storyteller of Rediffusion was Lee Dai Sor (Li Da Sha), who listeners recognize for his Cantonese news broadcasting and storytelling. Audience will get to reminisce pieces including Thunder Storm and Drought and The Good Riding Horse – tunes that were played on Rediffusion before Lee Dai Sor started his storytelling and when the winning numbers for the lottery were announced.

In the second segment – Thoughts of An Antique Collector, Phang Kok Jun’s Karung Guni Capriccioso will be world premiered in this concert. Through this new piece and narration, audience will learn of how the Karung Guni, which is currently a dying trade, was once an respectable recycling profession.

Watch as Ah Teck meets Mr “O”ld-Fashioned who shares the history of Chinese Orchestral music and the multiple stages it went through to grow and blossom in to what it has become today in the third segment of the concert – A Karung Guni’s Old Records. Here, Chinese Music for All Seasons – The Development of Chinese Orchestral Music will be presented to the audience with Ong Teck Chon as the narrator.

Audience will get to revisit items used in the past years in the last segment – Sounds from Vintage Items, as you hear new sounds and understand their backgrounds and uses in the past. Hear pieces including Abacus Rondo, Mahjong Kakis, The Syncopated Clock and The Typewriter to be performed by SCO.

There will be a pre-concert activity held 45 mins before each concert, where young audience can try their hand to make abacus. Thereafter, children may take pictures with the abacus they made with vintage items on display at the photobooth.


Concert details:

Voyage to Nanyang 4: Karung Guni Capriccioso

10 November 2017 (Friday), 10.30am (Sold Out!)
11 November 2017 (Saturday), 2.30pm (Sold Out!), 5pm (Selling Fast!)
Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium
Ticket Price: $25 (excludes SISTIC fee)
Family Bundle (3 tickets and above): 10% discount

Tickets from SISTIC.

Concert will be conducted in Mandarin with English subtitles.
Recommended for children 7 years old and above.


Pre-Concert Activity

10 November 2017 (Friday), 9.45am
11 November 2017 (Saturday), 1.45pm, 4.15pm
Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium Foyer

*For concert ticket holders only.


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