Taiwanese conductor and composer, Chung Yiu-kwong, to debut with SCO

Singapore, 1 August 2013 (Thursday) – Chung Yiu-kwong, Principal of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra, will conduct the SCO for the first time on 30 & 31 August 2013.

Chung Yiu-kwong – a conductor, composer, musician and administrator, has penned a large number of works and directed numerous successful concerts. In his first collaboration with the SCO, he will lead the orchestra to perform a number of classical repertoire through modern interpretation. The opening piece, Celebration Overture, composed by Zhao Ji Ping, will set a celebrative atmosphere. Chung Yiu-kwong will also conjure up the nine eras of Chinese painting in music through finely-woven soundscapes for the Chinese orchestra through his composition – The World of Chinese Painting. Famous paintings such as Xu Beihong’s Galloping Horse, Wang Wei’s Changjiang Piled Snow, Zhang Ze Duan’s Along the River During the Qingming Festival will be enacted through this piece and it is as if audience are brought through a musical journey of art.

In the second half of the concert, Chung Yiu-kwong will share the stage with erhu II principal Zhu Lin to perform Wu Hou Yuan’s Red Plum Capriccio. The composer used the theme from the Chinese-language western-style opera Sister Jiang to develop this work for the solo erhu and Chinese orchestra, which describes how the red plum tree braves cold and wind and still stands tall, a symbol of steadfast virtues in face of dark forces and of unswerving dedication to a noble cause. The finale, Mu Guiying in Command, composed by Yang Mu Yun, Deng Zong Nan, Zhang Kong Fan and Liu Yu Bao and arranged by Kuan Nai-chung, tells you the story of the legendary heroine Mu Guiying who protects her family and nation with full of courage. This piece comprises of four parts: Introduction – Recollection of the Past at Mansion Tianbo, Invaded by Liao Military, In Command and In Battle.

Chung Yiu-kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1956 and moved to Taiwan in 1991. He was appointed as Associate Principal of Percussion of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra from 1980 to 1986. He received his Doctorial of Musical Arts in percussion in 1991 and Ph.D in composition in 1995 from the Graduate Center, City University of New York. He was appointed as Principal of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra since March 2007. Chung Yiu-kwong is Taiwan’s best known and most often performed composer. He has composed for world-renowned artistes such as Evelyn Glennie, Christian Lindberg, Claude Delangle, Mischa Maisky and Anssi Karttunen.

Yangzheng Foundation has been supportive of promoting Chinese arts and culture. This is the second concert under the SCO-Yangzheng Foundation Young Audience Development Series. SCO-Yangzheng Foundation Young Audience Development Series create a platform for music and cultural appreciation for students.

Conductor: Chung Yiu-kwong   
Erhu: Zhu Lin

Concert details:


Chung Yiu-kwong & SCO
Date: 30 & 31 August 2013 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: SCO Concert Hall
Ticket Prices: $55, $45, $35/$19*, $25/$14*
Tickets from SISTIC
*Concession prices


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