Foong Chui San

Foong Chui San is a young and talented homegrown ruan performer in Singapore. She started learning ruan and liuqin from local teachers at a very young age from Koh Kim Wah and sanxian from Yeo Puay Hian. She joined the People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO) in 1985. Through the years, she was the leader of its plucked string section, its zhongruan principal player and the orchestra’s committee chairperson.

In 1991, she won third prize in the 8th National Music Competition Zhongruan Open Section and the National Chinese Instrumental Solo Performance Open Competition in 1992. Foong Chui San represented PAYCO in the National Chinese Instrumental Ensemble Section Competition held in 1993 and 1995 and walked away with third and second prizes respectively.

She joined the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) as a ruan performer in 1997. In 1998, Foong Chui San received the SCO scholarship and headed for China to further her music study for two years. She gained entry into the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studied ruan under the renowned liuqin and zhongruan performer cum lecturer, Wu Qiang.

The PAYCO held a Ruan and Guzheng Recital in 1999 and Foong Chui San was the only ruan soloist. In 2001, SCO held a Dizi and Ruan Recital and she was the only ruan soloist.

Besides performing in locally, she has also performed in China with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. She is also the instructor in numerous school Chinese orchestras.