Hsieh I-Chieh

Hsieh I-Chieh was born in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, and began learning the piano at the age of six. She also began learning the erhu at the age of nine, under the tutelage of erhu performer, Ding Lu Feng.


From young, Hsieh I-Chieh performed well in both her studies and music performance. She had won several awards in erhu and piano competitions, and had won several scholarships to further her studies and her music training. Hsieh I-Chieh held a solo concert upon graduation from elementary school. In high school, she majored in both erhu and piano. During her undergraduate years, she received tutelage under Ding Lu Feng, learning ethnic string instruments like the banhu, jinghu and zhuihu. During her schooling years, Hsieh I-Chieh was the concertmaster of the orchestra, performing erhu, gaohu, as well as the banhu and jinghu. She had held countless solo concerts and performed as a piano accompanist during several competitions and concerts, where her performances took different forms, interacting and performing with different musical instruments.


From 2000, Hsieh I-Chieh had come in first for several years in a row during national competitions for several categories, ranging from junior school to senior high school and tertiary open categories. Hsieh I-Chieh has performed several concerto works with various Taiwanese orchestras. She played works like No. 1 Erhu Concerto, Red Plum Capriccio, The King of Western Qin, Hong Hu Capriccio, Fantasia of Western Regions, Erhu Concerto Sunlight after Snowfall and Love River Piano Concerto.


In 2010, Hsieh I-Chieh graduated from the Department of Chinese Music of Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan with First Class Degree. After which, she furthered her studies by pursuing her Masters. In June, she held a concert titled, Memories – Hsieh I-Chieh 2010 Erhu and Piano Graduation Concert, in Taiwan, and joined the SCO in October in the same year.