Lo Chai Xia

A home-grown musician, Lo Chai Xia, started her ruan journey under the professional guidance of SCO ruan principal, Zhang Rong Hui. In 2014, Lo Chai Xia graduated with Bachelor of Music (Second Upper Honours) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She also took up a second instrument, guzheng, under the tutelage of guzheng master, Yin Qun while pursuing for her studies in NAFA.

Due to her outstanding performance throughout the course of her studies, Lo Chai Xia was awarded the National Arts Council (NAC) Arts Bursary (Local) from Year 2009-2013. In 2006, Lo Chai Xia clinched the 2nd prize (with the absence of 1st prize) in the National Chinese Music Competition, Zhongruan Open Category. In 2010, she participated in the Inaugural Beijing Ruan Competition and was awarded with a Bronze. She was also awarded a Bronze in the 3rd International Zheng Contest in 2013.

Lo Chai Xia is actively involved in performances locally and abroad. In 2008, she had her debut concerto Reminiscences of Yunnan with Cheng San Chinese Orchestra. Lo Chai Xia was the zhongruan principal in the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra (SYCO) from 2010 to 2011 and was chosen to represent SYCO to perform at the “E-awards” organized by MediaCorp. She also represented the Singapore Ruan Chamber Ensemble to perform in the “20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Singapore and China” event in Beijing. She has travelled to countries like Indonesia, China and Taiwan to perform.

Lo Chai Xia is currently the zhongruan associate principal of SCO, zhongruan instructor of SYCO and the soprano-ruan principal in the Singapore Ruan Chamber Ensemble.