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She Ling


She Ling graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2004 and is currently a huqin musician with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). She is also an Adjunct Erhu Lecturer with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time, She Ling is also the Erhu Instructor for numerous schools in Singapore, including Nanyang Primary School, Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College.

At a very young age, She Ling shown remarkable talent in the violin, erhu and keyboard. In 1996, she won the First Prize at the Juvenile Category of the Hunan Province Erhu Competition, and came in second place in the Youth Category of the same competition in 1997. Later that year, She Ling was accepted into the Wuhan Conservatory of Music affiliated High School.

In 2000, She Ling graduated at the top of her cohort, and was accepted into the Ethnic Music Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where she trained under renowned musician, Professor Chen Chun Yuan. In 2003, she clinched Third Prize in the Dragon’s Cup Competition organized by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and subsequently won academic scholarships for the forthcoming two years. In 2004, she was specially selected to represent Shanghai in the Golden Bell Award Competition, and clinched the Semi-finals Prize. She Ling’s performances of classical Chinese pieces like Erhu Rhapsody No 3, Fantasia Ballad , Chun Jiang Shui Nuan and The Great Wall Capriccio have received rave reviews from audiences and critics.

In order to achieve a breakthrough in her music career, She Ling continued to study the piano, and took up cello as her second major. To ensure a holistic musical education, she also studied conducting. While pursuing her degrees, She Ling worked as a relief teacher at the Shanghai Youth Centre and Arts Centre. In 2004, she was offered positions at the SCO and the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. She chose to join the SCO and has been playing with them since then.

She Ling is also an avid erhu Educator. Many of her students have even won several prizes at the National Chinese Music Competition. Some have also auditioned into the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra, and were also high scorers in the Central Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Conservatory of Music Erhu Practical Examinations.

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